Review: Gamer

July 1, 2019


You probably haven't seen this one, but it is absolutely worth it. If for nothing else other than the ridiculous action and angry war grunts, watch 'Gamer.'


'Gamer' follows Kable, a convict turned real life video game character. Yeah, I'd love to explain that but not even the movie could give a very solid explanation. As the character is only a few wins away from being set free, the forgettable villain plots to force his death in the game. Kable manages to convince his player to give him full control, and he takes his chance to escape, searching for his wife and daughter that are inevitably taken first by the evil corporate guy. 


If you struggled to follow that, don't worry. All movie goers struggled just as bad to follow the movie.


So let's get into the many negatives of this one. decided to give this one a re-watch the other day because I could still remember the ridiculous action from when I was younger. Plus, I was really bored. First things first, the acting is pretty terrible. I absolutely love Gerard Butler, but he definitely is not the strongest actor in the world, especially in this one. As for everybody else, also terrible.


The story was total garbage and it had little heart, which makes it an immediate cheesy action movie. It was thin, but the action was wild! That is really the single thing that this film offers, but I'll get back to that after my next and final complaint.


'Gamer' is easily one of the most offensive non-comedy films that I have ever seen. There are constant uses of terms that have clearly become way more controversial since its release. They are legitimately used enough times that it is laughable how much hate that this film would receive if it were released today.


Now that I have gotten through those, let's get back to the action. The meaningless action of this film is, at times, so over the top that it simply becomes noise. However, I am a total sucker for cheesy action. 


By no means could this movie ever hold up with the classics of the genre, but it is not a terrible watch if you happen to find it in the five dollar bin.


Overall, I give Gamer a 5.1/10


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