Review: Murder Mystery

June 29, 2019


All of these ridiculous Sandler Netflix movies are generally painful and sad, especially after the years of hilarious comedies that he had produced before. On the upside, this one is the least painful of the bunch.


'Murder Mystery' is the latest Adam Sandler film featuring Jennifer Aniston as the way more attractive significant other to his goofy and disappointing character (come on, it's not the first time we have seen that). He plays an NYPD officer is apparently an awful police officer. His wife, (Aniston) desperately wants him to take her to Europe and he finally takes her on the trip that inevitably becomes *wait for it* a MURDER MYSTERY!


Yeah, this movie sucks. It continues to show that nobody behind these films could possibly care less. The story almost looks like there is potential, but it is heavily shrouded by the tired performances and bad attempts at comedy. Every gag in the movie feels lazy and forced, with exception to only a few witty lines from Sandler. 


Unfortunately, I do not have any positives about this one. I am genuinely just saddened by the awful downfall of Adam Sandler's movies. I even gained hope after his stand up special on Netflix. Sadly, that hope was misplaced.


After yet another let down of a movie, I hope he will one day pick up a good movie again.


Murder Mystery is easily forgettable, yet somehow still better than the true low point of Sandler's career, Pixels.


Overall, I give 'Murder Mystery' a very disappointing 2.6/10

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