Review: Detective Pikachu

June 24, 2019


I LOVE Pokémon and would go back and play those classic games any time, but this movie? Probably not. 


Detective Pikachu follows a very forgettable character as he attempts to solve the disappearance of his father, BUT! He has the help of his father’s Pokémon, Pikachu. 


I guess I’ll jump into the very few positives first. The most important and perhaps the greatest part of this movie was definitely Pikachu. I was sold on the movie based on the interesting style with Ryan Reynolds as the voice. The jokes and commentary by the character were perfect for attracting a larger audience throughout the marketing campaign, and the character was pretty consistent throughout the film. Unfortunately, that was the only thing that kept me from walking out. 


Like I said, I was very excited to see these characters brought to the big screen with a comedic approach. While Pikachu was hilarious in the film, the story was awful. Only minutes in, I whispered to a friend next to me each plot twist/cliche that would come later in the movie. He continued to laugh as each one came true. The movie used several typical plot devices that were far too easy to predict. 


All things considered, they would have been better off just putting Pikachu on a stage in a comedy club and letting Ryan Reynolds make Pokémon related jokes for an hour and a half. 


This movie was NOT good and only continued to disappoint as it progressed. If you missed this one and think you might check it out on DVD or streaming, don’t. Particularly if you are a Pokémon fan like me, AVOID IT! Just break out one of the classic games instead and save yourself the boredom. 


Overall, I give Detective Pikachu a 4.1/10


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