Review: Fighting With My Family

February 28, 2019

I FINALLY got to see one of my highly anticipated films of 2019, Fighting With My Family. So let's get right into it.


I found a lot to enjoy with this movie! It was a very heartwarming story with a couple dedicated performances. 


What I liked about this one starts with Florence Pugh. She gave a very solid performance, making this underdog story come to life. Her dynamic with the other wrestlers grew very well as she opened herself to their differences, and her performance made it far more real. 


The Knight family was very fun to watch. They were a great bunch of characters with a very different style from typical movie families, making this an even more unique story. More importantly, I think the relationship between Paige and Zak worked really well. This was obviously a necessity to the plot and I think it really helped in bringing the drama to the top in their shared scenes.


My FAVORITE part of this movie was definitely Vince Vaughn's character. He added an incredible amount of heart and it left me very happy to see him back in a great role.


I don't have many complaints on this one, but I'll touch on those now. Firstly, I was very disappointed with The Rock in this movie. I am always happy to see him on the big screen, but he did not feel right in this film. He almost seemed uncomfortable in the role (which is strange, because he was playing himself). Another issue was that we never saw the relationship grow between Paige and the other women. Yes, we saw a turning point and a few nice gestures, but there was little development on this point. It looked as though they went from antagonists to Paige, then five minutes later they became her biggest fans. 


Other than those few issues, I definitely enjoyed the movie. I think it is a bit skewed toward a specific audience, but there is fun to be had by most audiences.


Overall, I give Fighting With My Family a 6.7/10

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