Review: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

January 25, 2019


I think the only way to start this review would be to slow clap with all of humanity, but since I can't make that happen, I'll just tell you what I think about it instead.


Won't You Be My Neighbor is about the only guy that truly knew how to treat people, Mr. Rodgers. It is a documentary on his life, utilizing interviews and footage from his shows to tell the story. 


The film currently stands with a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, with good reason. It managed to tell a very deep story in very little time, but still managed to provide a great look at the life of Fred Rodgers.


I honestly cannot think of a negative for this movie, so I'll just get right back into the positives. Every clip was used so tastefully to tell not only the story of his children's program, but to tell more about his character. A common theme throughout a lot of the movie is the question of whether or not his persona is the same off camera. The documentary even addressed this question directly but gave no firm answer. The clips of his interactions even show that he was incredibly genuine. This absolutely warmed my heart and furthered the great story of Rodgers. 


The film came to a close with a minute to think. It gave the audience an opportunity to ponder a person that meant a great deal to them, a method that Mr. Rodgers used. This was an incredible way to cherish the man and to memorialize his teachings.


Again, I absolutely adored this movie. It is a film that I think came at the perfect time. The world is in great need of a Mr. Rodgers, and this documentary gave a taste of the man again. Unlike most movies, this one managed to impact my own views of the world. It provided a deep perspective and a heartwarming story. 


I would suggest to any person, movie fan or not: see this movie!


Overall, I give Won't You Be My Neighbor? a 9.7/10

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