Review: Halloween (2018)

October 28, 2018


It’s spooky season again! With that, we got a brand new installment of the Halloween franchise. The film quickly establishes that it is a direct sequel to the original, and dismisses all of the twists of the others. So let’s get into it. *Cue the piano*


Halloween follows Laurie Strode, the survivor of the Michael Myers murders of 40 years prior. Despite being written off as crazy and paranoid by her daughter’s family, she continues to prepare for his return to Haddonfield, awaiting their final confrontation. 


So what did I like in the movie?

Laurie’s motivations are very easy to understand. I mean, who wouldn’t be paranoid if a dude in a creepy mask tried to kill them on Halloween (an already spooky day)? But she is such a powerful presence in this film that I was immediately on board with her. 


I think that subtlety is a strong asset to the original Halloween film. I was very excited to see more of it used tactfully in this sequel. It’s those moments when you suddenly see Michael far off in the distance, or when you might just miss him if you aren’t paying attention. This is true terror in a film. 


My final praise of the film is that I felt invested. The characters and relationships were well developed and the high stakes felt very real. Of course, Michael is already a pillar in the horror genre, but combining the character with a well written story created a very thrilling movie going experience. 


Overall, I really suggest this film to any fans of the series, and definitely to all horror fans. It captured many classic themes of the original, while bringing a solid new plot to the character of Michael Myers. 


I give this movie a 7.4/10

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