Review: The Incredibles 2

July 3, 2018


The Parrs are back! After a fourteen year absence, we have finally received the sequel that the world wanted.


As a massive fan of the original, this film was one of my most anticipated of the year. Sure, I was a little worried that it wouldn't live up to my expectations but I am happy to say that I loved every second! 


I felt pure joy seeing not only my favorite family of heroes, but even seeing the return of Frozone to the big screen! All the characters felt like they were organic in the story and not forced just for nostalgia. Even Edna Mode served an excellent purpose in the film. 


The idea of a family being placed in this type of position is already an interesting premise, but the way that Pixar has managed to apply real family values and difficulties to these characters is truly amazing. For this reason, the movie proves to be more than a kids' movie. It is a FAMILY movie.


If you have not yet made it to a theater to see this film, I promise it is worth the price of a ticket (and some popcorn too!). There is a LOT of fun to be had. While it is not better than the original, The Incredibles 2 takes the audience on another great adventure. 


I adored this film and I very strongly believe it is a must-see.

I give The Incredibles 2 an 8.1/10

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