'IT' Review

September 17, 2017

 Stephen King's 'IT' has crushed at the box office with a $123 million opening weekend. After seeing this film, I fully understand why. 

Many modern horror movies focus too much on the big jump scares just to get a shock out of the audience. 'IT' used a much deeper form of fear. There was much more suspense as the terror built up in the audience. 

The performances in this movie were all very good. Obviously the standout, Bill Skarsgard, was great as Pennywise. The young actors that played  the members of the loser's club were also impressive in the movie with many comedic lines, while still giving a believable performance. Jaeden Lieberher was incredibly heartfelt as Bill. I was completely on board with his dedication to finding his brother because of his powerful scenes. Finn Wolfhard was also a standout after gaining fame with his role in the Netflix show, 'Stranger Things.' 

I am looking forward to the sequel which is currently expected to be released in 2019. If the movie follows the book, it will include the same characters but aged much older. Fans of the film will certainly be looking forward to casting announcements for the adult version of the losers club. I would love to see Dane DeHaan as the adult Bill and Amy Adams as the adult Beverly.

Overall, 'IT' was a great experience at the theater. It was a truly thrilling experience with a heartfelt story. This movie is definitely a good reason to rush to the theater.

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