TBR: Tommy Boy

August 31, 2017

'Tommy Boy' is certainly a memorable movie with the late great Chris Farley costarring with David Spade. The many memorable quotes and sweet story make it very re-watchable and a great choice for any occasion. With a fun road trip style, Farley excels as the wild and slow-witted heir to the Callahan auto parts factory. He plays the perfect lovable idiot that anybody could root for. The constant mischief that the characters find is cause for constant laughs as they go on their journey to save the company.

Only minutes into the film you see that Farley is by no means ready or responsible enough to take over the factory. The movie grips you to the relationship and love that Tommy Jr. and Tom Sr. from the second they are on screen together. Brian Dennehy's brief performance as the head of the Callahan factory was enough to show what the business meant to the family. Richard was clearly jealous of Tommy's relationship with his father but still became yet another lovable character as the movie progressed.

All of the banter and ridiculousness that occurred on the road trip set up many quotable and hilarious lines. Everything from the fat jokes to the dead deer made it a very memorable adventure.

The movie was exactly what you would expect from the SNL stars. Despite a lot of jokes that missed, the big ones certainly landed and have made this movie a very memorable 90s comedy. 



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