Disney Streaming Service

August 11, 2017


               Disney has announced that they are moving out of Netflix when their deal ends in 2019 in hopes to start a new streaming service. It seems like there is a new streaming service popping up every week lately as more and more consumers decide to drop the cable companies. Disney appears to see the potential profit from taking a stake in this shift to streaming. Netflix will likely take a big hit if they lose some of the major properties they received through this deal. Some major films included in the deal are ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Huge movies that have such incredible fan bases will be devastating losses for Netflix.

               Hopefully a Disney streaming service would mean not only all the wonderful movies they have created, but also a lot of new original content. As a huge Star Wars fan, I would undoubtedly sign up for the service if it means more content from a galaxy far far away. Personally, I believe that a live action show would be the way to attract fans. Netflix has dominated the market on original shows and movies. It could truly change the game if Disney could step in with many new exclusive shows of their own.

               Parents of young children would likely be a large part of the target market. Letting a child sit down and watch his favorite show for hours on end would certainly be cheaper than a baby sitter. Hopefully they will also have a lot of content for the adults too, as fans like me are huge supporters of the many branches of Disney and cannot wait to learn more about the service.

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