Why I Am Excited For 'IT'

August 5, 2017

             ‘IT’ is a major upcoming release that could do a lot for the horror genre. This film could also pave the way for many more Stephen King book adaptations. Plenty of talk has surrounded other adaptations such as ‘The Dark Tower’ which just opened, along with the ‘Pet Sematary’ adaptation that is still waiting for a green light. The latter has been on the edge for quite some time as many have interest in the story but remains out of production, likely waiting in hopes to see success of ‘IT’.

             The killer clown story-line is horrifying in every sense and many will flock to the theaters in hopes of a thrill. I believe that this movie appears (so far) to have something more than the typical horror flick; a dramatic and compelling plot. We see too many films released that are sold purely based on the easy jump scares. All too often we get the same trailer that has a slow panning across the scenery and then BOOM jump scare and everybody in the theater shakes in his/her seat. ‘IT’ appears to develop the characters like we don’t normally see. In the two hour and fifteen minute runtime, there should be more than enough time to craft and build the children and the town they are haunted by.

              If the film does in fact captivate the audience and provide a wonderful movie going experience then we will likely see a sequel soon. With part II in mind, Andres Muschietti probably directed the flick to be open for continuation. Hopefully we will see a sequel in the style of the adult perspective of the book. The idea of seeing a sequel with the children as adults having to confront their childhood fear would be a gripping plot that could work beautifully on screen.

              Last but not least, Bill Skarsgard is the scariest clown I’ve ever seen. Pennywise is scary enough in the original film but they created every child’s nightmare with this remake. Ever since the first pictures of the character were released this clown has been in nightmares of film fans all over the world. Stephen King’s ‘IT’ looks like it will be the scare of the summer. From the terror in the line “you’ll float too” to the uneasy feeling of a clown staring through a balloon, this movie has me more than excited for its late August release.

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