Justice League is the Most Important Comic Book Movie of 2017

August 4, 2017


                  2017 is a year full of comic book movies. Starting the year with Logan was an incredible introduction to the year. It was a gritty and emotional ride that is undeniably one of the best films of the year so far. However, it was viewed more as a singular picture as it didn’t need to set anything up for the future and it was already far removed from the other entries in the cinematic universe. While being an amazing work of art, it was not the most important comic book movie of the year.

                   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was the next major comic book movie release. It was another smash hit as the fan favorite characters made a ton of money at the box office. Guardians 2 was a very good sequel to the 2014 hit and set up many plot details for the third entry of the series. This film was important for the future of the universe but still not the most important of the year.

                   Wonder Woman came as a pleasant surprise for the DCEU after disappointing flicks like Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad. The movie gave fans hope for what is to come from future films. It was a very important film in that it gave this hope and displayed the potential that the DCEU has. However, this movie still was not the most important of the year.

                   Spider-Man Homecoming was yet another major release of the comic book genre in 2017. It showed fans that the beloved character has finally come home to the studio that can truly use him to the maximum potential. We as filmgoers are all excited to see further installments with this new take on the character, but the movie itself was not vital for the future of the universe.

                    Later this year we will see the release of Thor Ragnarok, which appears to be incredibly important as a completion to the Thor trilogy. Characters like Loki and Hulk being featured in the movie make it look like a major entry and a landmark release for the overall universe. With that being said, it is not as important as the upcoming film, Justice League.

                    With the immense controversy around the DCEU, there are a lot of fans that look to this movie as a savior. Coming off the critical success in Wonder Woman, Justice League has incredible potential. Joss Whedon is certainly no stranger to big budget comic book movies after directing both Avengers films. If he can combine his styles with those of Zack Snyder, this could be a massive film for the cinematic universe. Not only does the future of the DCEU depend on this movie, but also Ben Affleck’s future as the Batman. Rarely do we see an event film like this coming out that combines turmoil and potential to the extent that Justice League does. A film that will guide the future of a major cinematic universe, Justice League is the most important comic book movie of 2017.

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